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Mustard Seed

                [Introduction:  {song} Amercia  ‘Our country tis of thee….liberty’ *sound of vinyl record player needle being dragged over record.  *for galvanizing affect*

Once upon a time there was no law, nothingness; also known as Tohu va Bohu according to God.  Like the earth, universe, multiverse, this cube, for now, that we live in and what is now, isn’t more meow?  Space and time are an illusion; like this material world; yes it’s real, our suffering and our experiences we live; if we live, if we are in fact consciousness and in the here and meow (now) then why are we all suffering?  Something is wrong. 

The illusion everyone eventually, bought into; like chimps turned prostitute and thief and worse, as if the hierarchy isn’t bad enough, butt! Money too, as to make all that is plentiful, now scarce, starvation, poverty, unnecessarily others can feel better about their silly sick asses.  I veto this and have drawn my sword of Justice.  ENOUGH and whatever that ‘Network’ guy said *excerpt (and cut to network scene). 

When all the needy was being taken care of but really abused, used, tested on and even disposed of, like nazi Germany, like here and now; all under your noses and continues to be.


The illusion that has been placed; it’s now time for it to be lifted.  I’m here to blow up the devil’s skirt and let you know, she, has balls.  Let’s take a quick journey and let you know a couple things you folks missed so we can ketchup

and everything will make a little more sense.


So bck in the 40s a few things were going on, yes 1940s.  FDR, attempt at the New Deal, which died with him unfortunately as well as countering a coup d’etat by families, such as Prescott Bush, George HW’s adopted father, and the DuPont family, (et al. i.e. Harrisburgs’).


See George Scherff hung out with Josef Mengele (not Mengele`), Otto Skorzeny and Hitler when he was a nazi youth, well a pilot with a fat swastika, see [show pic]  and came over under the guise as Prescott Bush’s son, real son, not adopted, from nazi Germany.  Prescott was president of Union bank where USA’s banker Paul Warburg would obtain grants from the Rockefellers through Union Bank onto Max Warburg, Paul’s Brother, whom was Germany/Hitler’s banker, which is how he got all that money as well as planes that needed special made oil to withstand very high temperatures for their jets (ref jets, etc.) needed to use a proprietary and specially made Rockefeller special premium oil formula that did not exist otherwise, at the time.


George HW Bush otherwise known as George Scherff was Nikola Tesla  patent examiner and kept a very close eye on Tesla when he first arrived the united states until his murder.  Mengele like other Nazis came over to America through Operation or Project Paperclip.  Russia got the rest of the 500 (ref?) we kept, including Werner Von Braun.  (something gravity time magazine about moon or bomb, butt no nukes??).  btw, smedley butler called out the coup as macarthur was hated by veterans (why?) so he ws not chosen to lead the coup, and fdr saw to it, after being told to stand down, that Prescott bush went to prison for 2 years for his banking with the enemy (ref).

The Red Cross, ACLU, legal aid to anything that claims to HELP, is an illusion and made to make you feel better so if all is working out for you, it’s okay if others suffer because they’re always a place for them to go.  It’s not like you don’t see women starving and children (besides prostitues) going hungry every night and so many opportunists with a little money in their pocket to opportuney, but I’m sure all is fine and THEY probably fucking deserve it, until it’s YOU, or your kid, or someone you love so it becomes REAL.  As if it isn’t now or  hasn’t been.  What do you do?  WAKE UP!  All your charities, OPEC, SEC, UN, and every asshole thing you bought into, yes YOU or EWE? Bought into is an absolute bullshit illusion, the media PROPAGANDA OF THE 4TH REICH KIND; from the lies of PUTIN, he points out (show him telling on the pedophile elite in our country dec 2016 just before/after Christmas and how it’s the status quo).


Yes a LIE, why, because you lie, hear the truth, first one must speak it, that’s why you don’t hear it.  Why do you think you are mightier than God; you are about to find out the Truth and just how little one is but while doing god’s work one can accomplish plenty.  Is everyone done feeling better that there’s people starving everywhere and less fortunate; is your EGO (etching God out) satiated yet?  Guess what, it never will be until you get a hold of it and until you die you are not in the direction of the Light, the Truth nor Integrity, but of the lost and never to be found while following everyone like a dumb fucking clown, WAKE UP; btw weed, marijuana, what Yahshuah (that’s Jesus) called quennehbuh, called it, just before smokin’ it.  How many more people have to suffer before you WAKE UP! And grow



No excuses, no where to go, this ain’t your fist rodeo and nothing new under the sun, yet I still can’t have fun as there’s always someone, no surprises no excuses everyone knows a deeper Truth.  All the folks that run the banks, are on the boards that create policies; such as US Treasury controlling the IMF.  I get we are all scrambling to stay alive, butt until we wake up and let the light in, these fuckers will suck every fucking iota of life out of you, shamelessly as entitled like your force and life is there for them.  Once upon a time before demoralization, something that was put on the Russians by us and them on us during the cold war.  Ever notice no matter how much information you have, facts as to make simple common sense and no matter what you do, they simply don’t get it as they are unteachable and so consumed by their own ego and trained not to think, let along critical thinking, which hasn’t been in this country since the 1950s, butt no matter THEY NEVER FUCKING GET IT.  I digress.

There was a time not too long ago, from 50s until late 70s if you had  highschool degree you were likely to be a millionaire, if you went to college and graduated you were almost certain of it.  You could be a trucker, have a home, with  farm and 3 kids with their own bedrooms, make your mortgage and yes, even send all 3 of them to college and still have a retirement fund.


Now, you are lucky to have a 4 bedroom apartment with 6 bachelors with MBA’s or the like with over $100,000 in debt just with college loans and then to not be able to work in your field because we all know the USA is capable of an absolute shit ejamacation full of bullshit and propaganda; which is why no one can get a job but hospitals and the like hire folks from India, China, anywhere else where they actually have a good education.  So the MBA’s goto work to do a shit job for some director or producer or wait tables while trying to get an acting gig or commercial to help pay the rent as the student loan is obviously, deferred.  From x year – y year we were in top 3 in the world and now 29, 32, ? worldwise  **ref hans eyesynick 1957 systematic and deliberate dumbing down usa and england’s (et al.) educational system.’  Garbage minds, garbage way of thought, hence garbage product. 

USA is the puppet whore of Babylon; if you look at how and what we do, show putin paying off bank debts and forgiving $100 million in debts, $10 million just for korea and no longer rothschild’s bitch in anyway and has in fact, liberated the Russian people as he’s good for Russia, and the world. 


Of course they didn’t want farmers in America, so they ran them off, even though, willie (nelson) and others during LIVE AIDS to help the farmers in America, keep their damn farms. 

If you look at the GDP of folks, like Sweden finland and others whom went on green energy (see Iceland whom also arrested their bankers, unlike us, the Babylon whore whom enables them and party WOO while….excerpt percy shelley masks of anarchy)


When the USA loses the Interntional standard, meaning the world trades in the US dollar (USD), however China is the first to back (in this century) their money Yuen (?) by gold as lost that during fdr and Nixon sealed it (ref and make clear); Russia is following suit butt is better china is doing it first so Russia doesn’t come off poofing up it’s chest trying to instigate war as they know once the USD is no longer the International Standard that the USA’s standard of living will drop 25%, overnight.  This is basic economic fact.  We are fighting Russia through Syria as the CIA pretends to be ISIS and instigates war as they are the cabal and only serve the hasataan, even if they are stupid enough to think they serve Lucifer.  Through CIA propaganda they make putin the very bad guy and bashar assad whom loves his Syrians and believe it or not, they love him, mostly, is all of our doing, our propaganda and ewe assholes (sheep sound) are buying it hook line and sinker.  How is it to be so special?  Smarter than everyone and yep, look where you are at, going to acknowledge there might be something wrong, perhaps just remain passive, huh?  Dickhead.

Maybe we should treat women like property and everyone be okay with it and make rape and pedophilia the status quo and we can ‘huh’ together, how bout’ that?  How far down do we, as a collective conscious, have to go and where the hell is the moxy for JUSTICE an God’s Peace?


Why is it tht 45% of men are rapists, 40% given the chance if they think they can get away with it, another 5% that are serial rapists and all fucked up.  You know the same look a rapist gives is the same as a pedophile, no difference between sick fucks.  Thank you for that; I’ve no idea, I’m convinced many do not have a soul; I mean could a human being with a soul fuck a baby and crack it’s skull while it, not a human being with a soul, but an it, an absolute sociopath, as they are very excited while ejaculating.  Huh?  What the fuck?  So let’s go and treat people like property, not even animals, hell animals get hungry, a piece of property is a thing, surely not  human being.  Funny how folks self-project.


You know why women are held to such a higher standard then men?  Because we are better, closer to God, which is why I can do nothing and still be harassed, while a drunk asshole will solicit folks for money, call women bitches and be drunk and disorderly while folks will enable, give him money, which is good because I recall this one guy almost being out of his 1/5th (large bottle) of vodka; get that man another 1/5th immediately, shit alls I want is an 1/8th, of OG Kush.  We’re closer to God, that’s why, we’re hated.  Think I can ask anyone for food or money, I starve, with God.  Don’t forget about the additional 50% of men whom enable that 40% +.


Did you know the ‘Y’ gene is actually, pre-human?  It is, (explain).  Think fallen angel annunaki and the Y gene they infected or plagued, perhaps is better, the human race, their demon shit.  Demon could rape, demon, soulless fuck could fuck a baby, fucking baby fucker.  I digress.  Let’s stop the miso(hate) gyn(women)y.  Yeah try having a vagina, like being black with a ‘rape’ necklace.  It’s fucked up!


Yeah the status quo isn’t to attempt to mk ultra and or monarch every women you see and beat, one way or another, on her and fuck with her until she gives in so she doesn’t call the police for rape; so sick of what our culture??? Society has allowed to become the status quo, sick and disgusting, soulless.


I’m a lesbian, I’ve great game even homeless, seriously; I like myself but that’s because I did the right thing and stood up when I had to do that right thing.  Now I pay the cost of doing God’s work.


What do you think that 25% overnight drop in standard of living will do?  There’s children living with their homeless parent; the status quo.  Most are 2 paychecks from homelessness meow; People poor enough yet?  No, here’s a thought:


jumping from the inferno into the ? abyss

as one enters you see and as going into eye

of abyss your (the focal points ...black hole

meets white hole) meets your pupil at the same

time with a anti-matter explosion of duality finally

ending and one finally becoming and absolving one of the


you are the light meeting God (black & white hole you go twards

the abyss as white/black hole)

~The Judgement


The result would be devastating to the entire world economy but especially the USA’s, which our time is coming; try 50% more homelessness overnight, in this country.  If you’re not 100% off the grid you will have to be encamped like auswitz, I’m guessing worse though, fema camps where other countries are calling the ‘American Holocaust.’  Then albreicht freit? (work will set you free; sign hung up on Auschwitz).  If you recall Germans in particular were hit the most propaganda, like USA today regarding brainwashing and having you believe everything ‘the they’ want you to as you don’t even think nor question as you all, have been programmed, not to.  What WILL wake you up?  Oh being homeless, then what?  Too little too late? 


Did you know that the federal government owns over 50% of the USA?  Telling them to fix it, apathy and not caring about your world has carelessly and collectively put us in a downward spiral of assholedom.  No more help there please.  We must better ourselves first and foremost by getting our own insecure consumed ego maniacle heads out of our smarter than everyone else asses and fucking be the star of your own show, rather than succubitic/incubitic sociopathic create problem and cry bitch fuckhole!  NO.


I’m not talking about modeling behavior as we learn and do, naturally, nor judging least we be judged, butt!  Going out of way creating problems whie your virtueless ass is stopping others from doing good work.  Causing havoc and then slandering and just wasting such a beautiful gift; insistent on wasting others’.  So while everyone is still so special and smarter than everyone; I’d like to include this excerpt from


“Masks of Anarchy” by Percy Shelley: 

“What is Freedom? – ye can tell

That which slavery is, too well –

For its very name has grown

To an echo of your own.


Tis to work and have such pay

As just keeps life from day to day

In your limbs, as in a cell

For the tyrant’s use to dwell,


So that ye from them are made

Loom, and plough, and sword, and spade

With or without your own will bent

To their defence and nourishment.


Tis to see your children weak

With their mothers pine and peak,

When the winter winds are bleak –

They are dying whilst I speak.


Tis to hunger for such diet

As the rich man in his riot

Casts to the fat dogs that lie

Surfeiting beneath his eye;


Tis the let the Ghost of Gold

Take from toil a thousandfold

More that eer its substance could

In the tyrannies of old.


Paper coin – that forgery

Of the title-deeds, which ye

Hold to something of the worth

Of the inheritance of Earth.


Tis to be a slave in soul

And to hold no strong control

Over your own wills, but be

All that others make of ye.


And at length when ye complain

With a murmur weak and vain

Tis to see the tyrant’s crew

Ride over your wives and you –

Blood is on the grass like dew.


Then it is to feel revenge

Fiercely thirsting to exchange

Blood for blood – and wrong for wrong –

Do not thus when ye are strong.


This is slavery – savage men

Or wild beasts within a den

Would endure not as ye do –

But such ills they never knew.


What art thou Freedom? O! could slaves

Answer from their living graves

This demand – tyrants would flee

Like a dreams dim imagery:


Let a great Assembly be

Of the fearless and the free

On some spot of English ground

Where the plains stretch wide around.


Let the blue sky overhead,

The green earth on which ye tread,

All that must eternal be

Witness the solemnity.


Ye who suffer woes untold,

Or to feel, or to behold

Your lost country bought and sold

With a price of blood and gold –


Let a vast assembly be,

And with great solemnity

Declare with measured words that ye.


Are, as God has made ye, free

And these words shall then become

Like Oppression’s thundered doom

Ringing through each heart and brain,

Heard again – again – again.


Rise like Lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number –

Shake your chains to earth like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you –

Ye are many – they are few. 


*Percy wrote this after the Peterloo Massacre by the British government in Manchester in 1819 against people whom assembled together to demand the reform of parliamentary representation.  He was also murdered, drowned by the Rothschild (et al.) family at age 29 and perhaps another story with Mary Shelley and lord Byron.


We all know the Truth, we just pretend we don’t or it doesn’t matter or, better, our truth is the truth rather than the Truth, the Light, yes that hurts at first butt then, you become with it.  Due to cowardness and lacking the courage to stand up and do the right thing, you fell short and said, fix it and trusted these insidious assholes over and over again, sure no choice, butt eventually, how bad does it have to get?  Until you are that guy and no longer can afford your ego, oh shit fuck-O!  TRUTH!


Quick peak at the prison system, besides what one can find on the tv like the ‘orange is the new black,’ (et al.).  So some venture capitalist, at least as of 10 years ago, as I’m sure inflation, as usual, is a bitch; made $45,000 on every person’s head in his prison.  Contracts for food, laundry soap and maintenancing the cable tv, get money from the state as they let go of their STATE ran prison systems for felons only doing 1 or more years plus for a felony only; everything is overloaded and changed; besides ownership of the prisons and how slavery is legal, btw minnesota’s governor offered to take CA prisoners at  $6,000/year less cost, (santa monic daily). 


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